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Over the weekend of 6th – 10th March 2019 we will be showcasing the All – New Focus Active

28th, February, 2019
Join us between 6th-10th March to learn everything you need to know about the All-New Ford Focus Active!

The Active Crossover is an entirely new concept for Focus. SUV-inspired design seamlessly blends form with function to deliver a cabin that's rugged yet sophisticated. The increased ride height and extended wheel arches lets customers command the road. In addition to these styling's, the All-New Focus Active has the following distinguishable features:

•Larger tyres to make the vehicle more stable, increasing customer confidence in all terrains
•Active 17" alloy wheels with higher profile tyres for better rough road ride and durability
•Black door mirror casings (Active only, not Active X)
•Active twin tailpipes
•Active front wing badge
•Active branded scuff plates
•Cloth Active trim on Active; partial leather trim on Active X

The areas we will cover are:
•Drive assistance & other technologies
•Live demonstrations
•Test drives