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~All New Fiesta Launch~

27th, July, 2017
**Competition Time**
The countdown is nearly over!!

Ford have extended the test drive not only to the All New Fiesta but additional vehicles as well. Get in contact to find out more. Entries for our competion close on 31st July.

To celebrate the launch of the All-New Fiesta, its your chance to win a M.O.T. test (any work needed to be carried out to pass will be incurred by the owner of the vehicle).
The prize is worth £55.00, and is a necessity to any vehicle owner. If you dont own a vehicle or you happen to be lucky enough to own a vehicle that does not need an M.O.T. test - you can pass it on!!!!

Each of the following will earn you an entry!!
a) Like and share this post
b) Follow us on twitter - Johnstone's Ford @Johnstones_Ford…/status/885887779707736064
c) Attend the launch party (28th July) or have a test drive (29th July - 29th August)

You have a year to book and use the prize!!

Good luck to everyone, who chooses to take part.